Thursday, January 10, 2008

Obama Campaign Questions Hillary's Tears

Yes, people are still going nuts over the moment Hillary teared up. Some call it TearGate. Obama's campaign co-chair, Jesse Jackson Jr. has now made the absurdly laughable claim that Hillary shed tears over "her appearance."

In Jackson's really weird view, Hillary is so shallow and vain that she cries about her appearance, just like a woman, but not about disasters like Iraq and Katrina.

Good freakin' grief. Are we in high school?

Jesse Jackson Jr.: We saw something very clever in the last week of this campaign coming out of Iowa, going into New Hampshire, we saw a sensitivity factor. Something that Mrs. Clinton has not been able to do with voters that she tried in New Hampshire.

Not in response to voters — not in response to Katrina, not in response to other issues that have devastated the American people, the war in Iraq, we saw tears in response to her appearance. So her appearance brought her to tears, but not Hurricane Katrina.