Saturday, November 03, 2007

John Edwards Creates Anti Hillary Ad for Republicans

John Edwards calls this little rovian ad, The Politics of Parsing. Will the Republicans thank John Edwards for this masterful cut and paste piece? Obviously Hillary's camp could very easily cut and paste a similarly scathing ad about John Edwards. Yet Hillary has a history of not going negative. She fires her nasty shots at Republicans. I used to like John Edwards. I used to like Obama. No more. I simply do not like to watch Democrats eat their own.

Karl Rove couldn't have done it better. Who's he working for anyway?

John Edwards' Gift to the Republicans

Taylor Marsh deconstructs John Edwards' nasty and dishonest ad. Here's a taste:

Edwards in MSNBC paid time: "It is time to end this war."

Edwards on "Meet the Press": "Unless we're going to close the embassy in Baghdad, and have the only American embassy in the world that we provide no protection for, there have to some troops in Baghdad for protecting the embassy. ... We do need to maintain quick reaction forces just outside Iraq. ... .. That quick reaction force would be focused on the possibility of Al Qaeda operations."

Edwards at Dartmouth debate: "I think the problem is -- and it's what you just heard discussed -- is we will maintain an embassy in Baghdad. That embassy has to be protected. We will probably have humanitarian workers in Iraq. Those humanitarian workers have to be protected." - John Edwards

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And here's more from Edwards. Is this what it takes to win the Democratic nomination?

Update: Michael van der GaliĆ«n: It's awesome in its dishonesty. . .This isn’t a ‘normal’ attack, this is truly dirty politics. This is the kind of stuff you use against the guy from the other party. Well, normally that is.