Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dick Cheney -- Madness as Method

Or -- Why worry about global warming when crazy George and Dick are going to blow us all up anyway?

By Maureen Dowd

Dick Cheney’s craziness used to influence foreign policy. Now it is foreign policy.

He may have lost his buddy in belligerence, Rummy. He may have tapped out the military in Iraq. He may not be able to persuade Congress so easily anymore — except for Hillary — to issue warlike resolutions. He can’t cow Condi into supporting his bullying as he once did, and Bob Gates is doing his best to instill some common sense. . . . But the vice president may have hit on a devious tactic used by his old boss Richard Nixon. .

As Pat Buchanan noted on “Hardball,” “Cheney and Bush are laying down markers for themselves which they’re going to have to meet. I don’t see how ... Bush and Cheney can avoid attacking Iran and retaining their credibility going out of office.”

In other words, once our cowboys have talked their crazy talk, they have to walk their crazy walk.

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