Sunday, August 26, 2007

Justice Kennedy Wins Patriarch of the Year Award

Today is Equality Day, and in recognition of the anniversary of the Susan B. Anthony Amendment, Ellen Goodman has once again released the annual Equal Rites Awards - "to those who have labored over the last 12 months to set back the cause of women."

And the Patriarch of the Year Prize goes to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy for his daddy knows best efforts to protect women by limiting our right to choose.

Justice Anthony Kennedy's "opinion restricting abortions rested on the retro notion that women needed to be protected from 'regret,' 'grief,' and 'sorrow,' even if it meant protecting them from their rights. We send the paternalistic justice a hook to bring him back to the 21st century."

More Equal Rites Awards to chauvinist pigs of the year. . .