Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hookergate: GOPer Tells Vitter to Resign

Sen. David Vitter -- the Republican Senator who confessed to being a client of the DC Madam's call girl service -- should resign, according to a GOP official. Vitter should resign "for his own good, the good of the party and the good of his family," or else he should just "join the Democratic Party where they think that kind of behavior is OK," says Vincent Bruno of the Louisiana Republican State Central Committee.

But in the next breath, Vincent Bruno contradicts his condemnation of the Democratic Party by providing one of the best down and dirty assessments of the Republican Party that we've seen.

We’re the party of hypocrites. Vote for us and we’ll lie to you, we’ll engage prostitutes and we’ll cheat on our wives,” said Republican Vincent Bruno.

I can't argue with that. Perhaps Vincent Bruno would like to join the Democratic Party?

Below are more pearls of wisdom about the GOP Party of Family Values from Vincent Bruno of the Republican State Central Committee. We're thinking maybe Vincent Bruno would like to do some guest blogging for us!

Bruno said Vitter’s actions violate the Republican Party’s “Family Values” stance but he doesn’t expect the party leadership to do anything about it. “We had David Duke and couldn’t do anything about it.”

“They think more of the party than the right thing to do,” he said. “If they’re not going to enforce family values, they ought to take it out of the vocabulary.

Oh, and Vitter has been linked to yet another brothel.

Update: Dana Milbank reports that Vitter is hiding out in an undisclosed location. Milbank wonders whether Senator Vitter is worried about losing his political career or worried about losing his manhood. As noted earlier, Vitter's wife suggested she might pull a Lorena Bobbitt number on her husband. Lorena Bobbitt is famous for cutting off her sleeping husband's penis.

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