Saturday, January 20, 2007

Kurita (DINO) Rewarded for Betraying Democrats

Sen. Rosalind Kurita (DINO-Clarksville) has been appointed as Speaker Pro Tem, or Deputy Lt. Governor, the number two leadership spot in the Tennessee State Senate, by Republican Senate Speaker Ron Ramsey.

And it seems like only yesterday when Kurita stabbed the Democratic Party in the back by voting Ron Ramsey into the office of Lt. Gov. and handing control of the senate over to the Republicans. (video)

Like a lot of politicians, Kurita is under the impression that it's all about her. Politics is not a team sport, it's about individuals.

"I voted my conscience, and that's more important than party line. We're individuals up here," she said.

Yeah, self-interested individuals. Individuals like Lieberman.

The Memphis Flyer reports that Democratic Senator Jim Kyle insists that "Kurita had given 'repeated' pledges of support for Wilder -- the last one as recently as two days before casting her lot with Ramsey."

But according to Ramsey, he knew for "several days" that he could count on Kurita's vote.

But Kurita claims that her decision to vote Republican "evolved" and "only matured a day or two before" the vote.

So two days before the vote, Kurita pledged to support the Democrat. But "a day or two before" the vote, Kurita had already decided to vote for the Republican. While for all of "several days" before the vote, Ramsey knew he had Kurita's vote.

These people need to get their stories straight!

I can only conclude that someone is lying. Or else someone has a memory so bad that she is unfit for high office. Cause as we all know, lying does not disqualify anyone from high office!

Obviously, Kurita is being rewarded by the Republicans for betraying the Democratic Party -- and for betraying the Democratic voters who foolishly elected her.

As our Democratic Governor Bredesen says: "I think if you truly vote your conscience on something like that, you should probably not get something out of it for yourself."

Ironically, Kurita claims that her new position will enable her to "unite lawmakers from both sides of the aisle."

Like lawmakers on either side of the aisle will be trusting Rosalind Kurita.

It doesn't happen often folks, but this time I'm agreeing with the conservatives.


"Pro Tem is technically the number two position in the Senate but it is largely a ceremonial one. If she takes it, Rosalind Kurita will be seen as a sellout. If she demanded a chairmanship and was granted one at least she could argue that it was about the work, advancing issues. Pro Tem is a relatively meaningless position. It coronates her as a traitor without providing her any real power."

Truman Bean:

Senator Kurita will be the only loser due to alienating her party and any possible base in which to build upon for her next political aspiration. She has energized the activist in her own party to work to defeat her in her next race, while Republican’s would look at her with distrust, knowing her faithfulness has a price that is up for sale to the most lucrative offer.

Brian Harris, the president of Tennessee Right to Life, couldn't be happier about Kurita's vote for the Republicans. It's an "enormous victory" for pro-life Tennesseans.

Kurita is pro choice, allegedly. Obviously, Ron Ramsey is not.

If Tennessee Republicans succeed in passing draconian anti choice legislation this year, Senator Rosalind Kurita will be due some serious thank you cards.