Thursday, October 26, 2006

In Your Liberal Dreams -- GOP's New Anti Harold Ford Ad

New Republican Ad Says Harold Ford Is the Answer to Your Liberal Dreams!

Republican Party Broadcasts More Lies

According to the latest dirty RNC attack ad:

Harold Ford wants to give the abortion pill to our school children!

Harold Ford is pro gay marriage!

Harold Ford is Tennessee's most liberal Congressman!

The Republican Party is now so convinced of the people's stupidity that they pull lies out of the sky and don't even bother to attempt to make their lies believable.

What the ad meant to say:

Harold Ford is not as rabidly rightwing as most Tennessee Congresspeople, therefore Harold Ford must be liberal.

Like Bushie says, you're either with us, or against us, you're either white or black, right or wrong, left or right. You're either a rabid rightwinger or a flaming liberal.

And the other 'liberal' Congressman is Blue Dog Democrat, Jim Cooper. I'm sure you've heard about Jim Cooper and Harold Ford traveling across the nation advocating equal rights for gay couples, reproductive rights for women, universal childcare, universal healthcare, and the abolishment of poverty.

In your liberal dreams!

Harold Ford and Jim Cooper are Tennessee's most liberal Congressmen because Tennessee Congressmen/women are conservative. If you define liberal as anything left of center, Tennessee has ZERO liberal Congressmen/women!

Tennessee liberals have no representation! And I'm getting really tired of the GOP rubbing it in.

'Shaky' Ad Blatantly False and Libelous

Ford's campaign lawyers said in a letter to station managers that the two charges are "blatantly false and libelous" and demanded they be taken off the air. Campaign spokesman Michael Powell said stations have asked the RNC to substantiate the claims and if it won't or can't, will remove them.

The ad cites a Sept. 19, 2000, vote on a bill that RNC spokesman Danny Diaz said would have prohibited elementary and high schools from distributing "emergency post-coital contraception to minors."

Ford's campaign said the so-called "morning-after pill" hadn't even been approved in the U.S. by then.

The Ford lawyers said the gay-marriage vote cited in the ad was on whether state or federal courts had jurisdiction to review claims under the Defense of Marriage Act, not a vote to "recognize" gay marriage and that Ford voted for the proposed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage the two times it has reached the House floor.

The RNC's Diaz said Tuesday night the ad "is 100 percent accurate. It's going to stay on the air."

Vanderbilt University political science professor John G. Geer, author of a new book "In Defense of Negativity: Attack Ads in Presidential Campaigns," attended Ford's downtown speech and told reporters the RNC ad is unlike any he's ever seen.

"You don't run these ads when you think you have a chance of winning. You run these ads when you're behind. They must have internal polling that tells them they're in trouble," said Geer, who likened the new ads to the "Swiftboat" ads against Democrat John Kerry in the 2004 presidential race. A new Mason-Dixon Tennessee Poll conducted last week showed Corker at 45 percent and Ford at 43 percent.

Thanks to Kleinheider for the ad. He reports that the ad - dubbed "Shaky" - is now being broadcast on Channel 5.

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