Monday, October 09, 2006

Blogger Denied EC, Gets Pregnant

Feminist blogger Biting Beaver has courageously shared her story about being denied emergency contraception in rural Ohio and then getting pregnant.

This is what happens when you live in a country ruled by delusional religious zealots who prefer for women to be treated like breeders, or chattel from the 19th century.

If Margaret Sanger were alive today, she'd be setting up illegal clinics to dispense illegal birth control. But those were the good old bad days when repressive laws and customs inspired civil disobedience.

Amanda over at Pandagon writes:

Well, bad news, everyone. Biting Beaver, who was brave enough to tell us all her horror story about trying to obtain emergency contraception in rural Ohio but only being able to get it basically as the window of opportunity was closing, has discovered that she didn’t take the EC in enough time and she is indeed pregnant. She’s announced that she’s going to get an abortion, which, as Violet Socks points out, will probably just escalate the abusive comments and emails Beaver’s getting from men who are just so damn concerned about the sanctity of life that they have to tell her she’s a whore and a cunt and she deserves to die.

Leave it to the sick culture of life crowd to spew hate and even death threats!

Everyone in the chain that prevented Biting Beaver from accessing EC in a timely manner should be named in a lawsuit.

She could use some emotional and financial support. And in my view, we could all use a modern day Margaret Sanger.

Ginmar over at A View from a Broad and Lindsay at Majikthise have more.