Friday, July 14, 2006

The President's Mind

As the violence escalates and international crises erupt -- in Israel, Lebanon, North Korea, Iran and Iraq -- our pResident stays focused on the really important things:

STRALSUND, Germany -- "I understand I may have the honor of slicing the pig,'' Bush said at a news conference. . .

After German Chancellor Angela Merkel made some opening remarks at their joint news conference staged in the 13th Century town hall of Stralsund, Bush said: "Thanks for having me… I'm looking forward to that pig tonight.''

A German reporter had a question for Bush: "And apart from the pig, Mr. President, what sort of insights have you been able to gain as regards East Germany?''

"I haven’t seen the pig yet,'' said Bush, sidestepping the question about insights gained from the two-day visit to this region of Germany that Merkel calls home and once rested within East Germany.

And when an American reporter asked Bush if he is concerned about the Israeli bombing of the airport in Beirut and about Iran's failure to respond to an offer for negotiations that the U.S. and European allies have made, Bush replied . . .

"I thought you were going to ask about the pig,'' Bush said. "The pig? I'll tell you tomorrow after I eat it.''

WaPo: The Middle East is exploding and what is President Bush doing about it? Not much.

Describing the message he expects his fellow summiteers to deliver to Iran on abandoning its nuclear weapons program Bush said, almost whining: "We're not kidding."

Graphic seen at Liberal Agit-Prop