Thursday, July 28, 2005

Hundreds of Boy Scouts Collapse While Waiting for No-Show Bush

Bush cancelled his trip to the Boy Scouts Jamboree due to bad weather.

Meanwhile, more than 300 scouts became sick from bad weather, or from extreme heat, while waiting patiently for Bush to show. The heat index was at 119 degrees!

CBC News:

"[B]efore the president's appearance was called off, many Scouts fell ill from temperatures that rose into the upper 30s C, made worse by high humidity.

One-half of those were treated and released from the base hospital, about five kilometres from the event arena. Dozens more were sent to other hospitals, where they were in stable condition Wednesday night, said Gregg Shields, a Jamboree spokesman.

Soldiers carried Boy Scouts on stretchers to the base hospital and others were airlifted from the event.

Jamboree officials called for emergency assistance from surrounding areas and ambulances transported Scouts during a storm that brought high winds and lightning. "