Monday, March 18, 2013

Gail Kerr: TN lawmakers Pushing Nutty Homophobic Bills Again

Gail Kerr weighs in on Tennessee's perpetually embarrassing legislators. The nation's wackiest lawmakers are now pushing yet more "blatantly homophobic" bills. One of which is aimed at punishing Vanderbilt University for NOT discriminating against lesbians and gays. 

And as always, there's the despicable Don't Say Gay bill. 

Meanwhile Mississippi residents are happily and proudly declaring: 'Thank God we aren't as bad as the gay-hating state of Tennessee.' 

TN legislators promote bills that support discrimination: 

Despite every effort by Republican leaders to urge state lawmakers this year not to go down the “fringe” road, pushing nutty, hateful bills, some legislators just cannot resist.

Along with the perennial “don’t say gay” legislation, just rewritten to make it even worse, lawmakers are debating two bills that endorse discrimination.