Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rainbow Gay Equality House Goes Up Beside Westboro Antigay Church

The hateful antigay members of the Westboro Baptist Church don't deserve to gaze daily upon a house painted beautifully in the rainbow colors of the Pride Flag, but they get to anyway.

Now this is sweet justice. Hahahaha:

Members of the antigay Westboro Baptist Church woke up to a technicolor surprise this morning, when a progressive nonprofit began painting a house directly across the street from Westboro's compound in the bright, bold colors of the rainbow flag.

 Six months ago, Planting Peace, a nonprofit historically dedicated to environmental conservation, bought the house at 1200 S.W. Orleans St. in Topeka, Kan., directly across the street from the series of homes owned by Westboro members and the church itself, known as the Westboro "compound." 

"I feel the Westboro Baptist Church is the poster child… that's pushing inequality," Planting Peace founder Aaron Jackson told The Advocate. "So I thought the best place to start was to counter the Westboro Baptist Church's message."

'God Hates Fags' church is now sitting opposite the Equality House, proudly displaying the colors of the gay pride flag

 ‘Someone took a picture of it and it went viral. It caught my attention, and one day I looked at Google Earth I saw the house from across the street and it had a ‘For Sale’ sign. It hit me, I’m going to get my foundation to buy that house and paint it with the rainbow colors.’