Saturday, February 26, 2011

Reagan: 'The right to belong to a union is one of the most elemental human rights'

Oops, Wisconsin's Governor Walker's sacred hero, the hallowed GOP deity Ronald Reagan not only supported unions, he belonged to a union. Ooops, Ronald Reagan not only belonged to a union, Ronald Reagan was a union boss:

Yet conservatives may be shocked to learn that their idol Reagan was once a union boss himself. Reagan was the only president in American history to have belonged to a union, the AFL-CIO affiliated Screen Actors Guild. And he even served six terms as president of the organized labor group. Additionally, Reagan was a staunch advocate for the collective bargaining rights of one of the world’s most famous and most influential trade unions, Poland’s Solidarity movement.

In Ronald Reagan's words, "the right to belong to a free trade union . . [is] one of the most elemental human rights."

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