Saturday, January 05, 2013

The Advocate: Tammy Baldwin Person of the Year

Not only is Tammy Baldwin the first openly gay senator, she is the first woman senator from Wisconsin, and now she is The Advocate's Person of the Year:

As Baldwin said in her victory speech on election night, she is “well aware” of being the first openly gay senator and the first woman to represent her state in the chamber. However, neither of those details dominated the hard-fought, closely watched contest that pitted the solidly progressive seven-term congresswoman against Tommy Thompson, the former four-term Republican governor and Bush Cabinet secretary...

 “We all know that having a seat at the table matters on a very substantive level, because each of us brings our life experiences with us to our jobs,” she says. “It’s not like a coat check where you check your life experience at the door and walk in and do your job and pick it up on the way out. You always have that with you, and it informs the way you approach a debate, the way you decide how to vote, and your participation in the conversation.”