Thursday, January 10, 2013

FP: 'No Girls Allowed: Why the Obama Administration Needs Hormone Therapy'

Rosa Brooks of FP magazine expresses dismay over President Obama's national security and foreign policy team of white men and offers a way for Obama to save a little face: 
 Oh, boy.Or maybe I should say: Oh, boys! Because here we go again! As a female columnist at Foreign Policy, it is apparently my solemn duty to point out that President Obama has populated the top ranks of the national security and foreign-policy establishment exclusively with fellas. Where are those binders full of women when you need them?
 In his cabinet choices so far, President Obama has even managed to take a step backward from his first term, replacing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the sole woman allowed into the clubhouse, with Senator John Kerry. Obama let Susan Rice, a smart, tough, accomplished woman and an obvious choice to replace Clinton, be driven out by rock-throwing little boys from the Hill. Then, for defense secretary, he inexplicably selected former Republican Senator Chuck Hagel over Michèle Flournoy, the universally respected former undersecretary of defense for policy (and a Democrat to boot, not that I'm counting or anything). 

So here's what Obama's second-term national security and foreign-policy team looks like, so far: Secretary of defense? White guy. Secretary of state? White guy. CIA director? White guy. Director of national intelligence? White guy. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff? White guy. White House chief of staff? White guy. National security advisor? White guy.

 So here's a thought: It's not too late to increase the gender diversity on your national security team. [Mr. President], How about appointing Susan Rice or Michèle Flournoy to replace Tom Donilon as national security advisor?