Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Haslam Blames Obama For Haslam's Tardy Health Insurance Exchange Decision

Almost three years after President Obama's health care law passed, Tennessee's Governor Haslam still can't make up his Republican mind about whether the state should run its own health insurance exchange or let the Feds control it. Naturally it's all Obama's fault.

Haslam blames the Obama Administration for Haslam's indecision.

And we thought Republicans had a thing for personal responsibility.

Maybe Haslam should blame Chief Justice Roberts. Or voters. Or maybe Haslam shouldn't have waited so long to ask questions.

But he's not alone.An amazing coincidence this, but a slew of Republican Governors have a slew of last minute questions,  last  minute questions which are being answered and posted online for the many tardy Republican governors.   

Time's running out Governor Haslam. Do us all a favor and let the Feds do the job. Else we might end up with a health insurance exchange that resembles the Tennessee Department of Children's Services.