Monday, November 19, 2012

Gail Kerr: When Will Gov. Haslam Lead?

In today's Tennessean, Gail Kerr presents problem after problem that the Governor has as yet failed to deal with.

Kerr concludes by challenging Governor Haslam to please do his job: 

It’s time for Haslam to quit waffling on whether he wants the state or federal government to run the federally mandated health insurance exchange. It’s time for Haslam to tell us how he plans to fix the broken Department of Children’s Services. It’s time for Haslam to make sure adequate regulation and enforcement are in place so no one ever dies again from a health debacle like the lethal meningitis outbreak. 

And those are just three problems that need the governor’s attention. There are more: Paroled sex offenders are going unsupervised. No one answers the phones in the state unemployment office. And there are those pesky public education questions coming: Who picks charter schools? Vouchers or no vouchers? ...

For the love of Mike.. get to it. Lead us, governor.