Monday, November 14, 2011

Cainwreck: Ex-boyfriend of Sharon Bialek Talks About Cain's Sexual Misconduct

Sharon Bialek's ex boyfriend held a press conference today and confirmed that Bialek told him about Cain's inappropriate sexual behavior after her meeting with him in the 90's. Cain has plummeted to 3rd place in the polls ("Cain’s support among women has dropped from 28 percent to 15 percent") which is why he brought his wife forward to play like a good Stepford Wife. Cain was never going to be president but there's still time for the creep to try a stint at being an honest person:

In a statement read to reporters in Shreveport, La., Zuckerman says Bialek went to dinner with Cain in Washington and returned "upset. She said Mr. Cain had touched her in an inappropriate manner."

Zuckerman was joined at the news conference by lawyer Gloria Allred, who represents Bialek. The doctor, who described himself as a Republican, said he came forward to "aid the public in evaluating the statements previously made by Mr. Cain and Ms. Bialek."

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