Friday, June 24, 2011

Gays, Lesbians Protest Obama Outside LGBT Fundraiser in New York (Video)

Inside the mostly male crowd hoped in vain that Obama would at long last endorse same-sex marriage. Outside the crowd had fewer illusions and more women. Obama said he believes gays and lesbians should have all the same legal rights as everyone else - except marriage.

President Obama said he expected some heckling and he got it. More than 600 gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people paid $1,250 each to attend a Democratic fund-raising dinner in Manhattan on Thursday and, to the vocal disappointment of some, they did not hear him endorse same-sex marriage generally or the bill that would legalize it in New York State.

Mr. Obama’s spokesman, Jay Carney, had said early in the day that the president would not announce any shift in his longstanding but “evolving” position on same-sex marriage — that it is a matter for states to decide. Even so, some in the mostly male audience at the hotel ballroom seemed to hang on his words as if waiting for just such a shift.

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