Thursday, May 05, 2011

Tennessee Lawmakers Intend to Punish Parents By Making Children Go Hungry

Tennessee's barbaric lawmakers intend to punish pot smokers and other drug users by making children go hungry. All lawmakers responsible for this barbaric piece of legislation should immediately lose their jobs.

If any of the lawmakers who voted for this barbaric legislation are parents, they should be investigated for child neglect and child abuse.

Clearly anyone who seeks to punish a parent by making children go hungry is not fit to be a lawmaker or a parent:

Tennesseans on welfare will lose their benefits for three years after their second felony drug conviction under legislation that went to the governor for his signature Wednesday. . Rep. John DeBerry, D-Memphis said, “This is one of those bills that’s kind of tough love. Some of the children are going to be hurt. But more of them are going to be helped. This is what we’ve got to do.”

Most people on welfare are single mothers. Let me guess. This bill is Tennessee's Mother's Day gift to single mothers? For shame. Given the choice of helping or punishing, barbarians always choose to punish. It's not lack of money that gives this nation the shameful distinction of having the highest child poverty rate in the industrialized world. It's the sheer stupidity and callousness of lawmakers who have assigned parenting and care-giving to the little women at home for so long that lawmakers are consequently unfit for any job that touches on the health and well being of children or other vulnerable humans.

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