Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Norway Is Best Place To Be A Mom; U.S. Ranks #31

Once again the best place for moms to raise their children is not the U.S. Save the Children's annual Mother's Day's report finds that moms and children do best in 30 other countries:

According to the AP, the study, conducted yearly around Mother's Day by Save the Children, gave Norway the highest marks for its low maternal and child mortality rate, excellent medical care, and generous maternity leave. Norwegian moms get a year of paid leave, have an average life expectancy of 85, and have only a 1 in 175 chance of losing a child before the age of five. Also, medical professionals are present at almost all their births...

The US ranks 31st out of 164 countries on Save the Children's Mothers' Index. Its maternal mortality rate is 1 in 2,100, the highest of any industrialized country (that's 15 times higher, for instance, than the mortality rate in Greece). Child mortality is also relatively high, with 8 out of 1,000 children dying before the age of five. Explanations for the US's shameful maternal mortality rate abound, from lack of adequate prenatal care (especially for poor and minority women), to an excess of C-sections, to high rates of hypertension and diabetes, which can cause pregnancy complications.

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