Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wonkette Attacks Down Syndrome Child Trig Palin; Advertisers Bolt

Wonkette is not a fit substitute for toilet paper. After calling 3-year-old Trig Palin a "retard" and publishing a photo of Sarah Palin's little boy in a collage with an animated stripper (!), advertisers like Papa John's and Huggies have left the building in total disgust.

Meanwhile right-wing bloggers point to Wonkette as proof that liberals are EVIL baby-haters. Yeah, but this liberal baby-lover had no respect for Wonkette even before the depraved publication stooped to calling a baby a "retard."

For gawd's sake, even blatant misogynist Bill Maher has agreed to eliminate that hurtful word from his shock-jock vocabulary.

Update: Advertisers matter. Wonkette has deleted the offensive post, including the graphic of 3 year old Trig Palin being entertained by an animated stripper (!): Rude Post Deleted By Editor; Author Apologizes.

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