Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wisconsin Protest: Fab 14 Return As Heroes

Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel: Democratic senators return to Capitol, get boisterous welcome - Unbowed and unrepentant, the 14 Democratic state senators returned to the state Capitol on Saturday and received a tumultuous welcome from tens of thousands of pro-labor demonstrators.

The New York Times observes that lawmakers are seldom heroes, but the 14 Democrats known as the Wisconsin 14 or the Fab 14 are heroes to people all over the nation:

MADISON, Wis. — They are unlikeliest of folk heroes. But this group — a dairy farmer, a lawyer, a former truck driver and a woman who is seven months pregnant, among others — which fled this capital nearly a month ago returned on Saturday to the cheers of tens of thousands who once again packed the streets in protest.

Many in the crowd wore buttons or signs bearing admiring nicknames: the “Fighting 14,” the “Fab 14” or, simply, “The Wisconsin 14.”

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