Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Obama Bullied Into Submission by GOP

Obama can't help himself, he is a victim of bullying Republicans:

McDermott’s crabbiness — widespread among many of his fellow Democratic lawmakers — reflects a fear that Obama is being bullied by Republicans and is prepared to sacrifice large principles in exchange for paltry concessions as the two sides search for a bargain on taxes before the end of the year, an extension of unemployment benefits and a nuclear arms treaty.

Senate Democrats took particular umbrage at the Obama administration’s signaling of a willingness to make a deal in the immediate aftermath of the midterm election as New York Sen. Chuck Schumer and other lawmakers were looking to sharpen their political attack by drawing the income line at $1 million and forcing the GOP to side with millionaires and billionaires.
McDermott says Republicans are testing the president to see if there’s “a point beyond which he will not go” in negotiating.

“They’re bullying him. For the country’s sake, he’s got to stand up,” said the Washington Democrat, who worked as psychiatrist in the Navy. “It’s setting the standard for the next two years.”

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