Thursday, November 18, 2010

Man Shoots TV Over Rage At Sarah Palin's Daughter Dancing

When I first heard about this, I thought the madman must be Andrew Sullivan. After the enraged hormonal guy shot up his tv because of his seething rage about that Palin woman, he turned his gun on his wife, apparently thinking that if he can't control the Palin women, at least he can take care of one bitch.

Gawd only knows who or what he might have shot if he'd heard the news that Sarah Palin said: "I Could Beat Obama in 2012!"

Cowan, 66, allegedly became so enraged by Palin’s success that he actually fired a shotgun round into his television, triggering a 15-hour standoff with Wisconsin cops.

According to a criminal complaint, Cowan’s wife called police Monday evening to report that her husband had blasted the TV and was threatening to kill himself. Cowan, who had been drinking, became angry while watching Palin, 20, perform on the ABC program.

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