Friday, October 01, 2010

Michigan's Anti-Gay Cyber-Bully Andrew Shirvell Suspended

UPDATE: Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox 's office "said this morning that media reports saying Cox suspended Shirvell were inaccurate." Shirvell merely took a "voluntary leave of absence." AG Mike Cox apparently condones Shirvell's criminal behavior and so needs to be 'fired' too.

Michigan's anti-gay cyber-bully Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell has been suspended. This after calls for the clearly mentally disturbed bully to be fired came in from all over the country.

Pity the State of Michigan for the damage done to its image. I'm just glad Andrew Shirvell doesn't reside in Tennessee. A suspension is a start, but the deranged man needs to be fired and signed up for some serious therapy and meds.

Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell has been banned from the University of Michigan campus since mid September. That's got to be a first. The University has a problem with stalkers and bullies. Who knew? Chris Armstrong (known to Shirvell as “Satan’s representative on the Student Assembly”) has filed for a restraining order and will be in court for the hearing on Monday.

Sign the petition for Andrew Shirvell to be fired.
Fire Andrew Shirvell Face Book Group - at almost 10,000 people.

"If I was still Attorney General and Andrew Shirvell worked for me, he would have already been fired." -- Governor Jennifer Granholm

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