Friday, August 13, 2010

Rachel Maddow Eviscerates 'Gutless' Obama (Video)

After Robert Gibbs attacked the liberal base, both Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann responded by devoting serious show time to recapping some of the many reasons liberals have to be thoroughly disappointed with Obama's less than stellar performance.

On Wednesday's show Rachel Maddow said she knew that the White House wouldn't like what she was about to say, but she didn't give "a flying flip." Maddow proceeded to say that President Obama is ruining the lives of gays and lesbians who are serving in the military simply because Obama is a coward, or because the President has no guts.

On tonight's show you met U.S. Army Captain Jonathan Hopkins, Catherine Miller and Lieutenant Colonel Victor Ferenbach who are having their careers ended.... Why are we kicking people out while we are waiting for the views of the Commander in Chief, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. If you are changing the policy soon why not hold off the ruination of lives under the policy now? Why not? I'll tell you why. Because that would take some political capital. That would take guts. And liberals, according to this White House, ought to be drug tested. Stop complaining and be happy for what you have. Lieutenant Dan Choi, Colonel Ferenbach, SBT Hopkins, they are expendable. Watch their careers destroyed, but stop complaining about it.

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