Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Poll: Enthusiasm Gap Remains Bad News for Democrats

The latest Gallup poll finds that voters favor Republicans by 48% and Democrats by 43% in the generic congressional ballot. In the previous poll, the numbers were almost exactly the reverse. These numbers go up and down. The ones that are really important are the number of voters who are enthusiastic about showing up at the polls. This continues to look very bad for the Dems. Too many of us remain bitter about the public option betrayal, the abortion betrayal, the gay rights betrayal, etcetera. And where are the jobs?

Just 22% of Democrats are "very enthusiastic" about showing up at the polls compared to 44% of Republicans.

"Threatened filibusters didn't force Mr. Obama to waffle on torture; to escalate in Afghanistan; to choose, with exquisitely bad timing, to loosen the rules on offshore drilling early this year." -- Paul Krugman