Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Husband Dies

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said he was the only young man she ever dated "who cared that I had a brain." Justice Ginsburg was on the job on the last day of the High Court's current session. She was there announcing a decision from the bench even though her beloved husband Martin Ginsburg died just the day before:

Martin D. Ginsburg, 78, a Georgetown University tax law professor whose blind date more than a half-century ago with a quiet undergraduate named Ruth Bader blossomed into an enduring marriage, died June 27 of complications from metastatic cancer at his home in Washington. .

"As a general rule," Mr. Ginsburg told the New York Times in 1997, "my wife does not give me any advice about cooking, and I do not give her advice about the law. This seems to work quite well on both sides."

"I have been supportive of my wife since the beginning of time, and she has been supportive of me," Mr. Ginsburg told the Times in 1993. "It's not sacrifice; it's family."