Friday, April 30, 2010

Tell Gov. Bredesen To Respect Women's Reproductive Rights

Amazing how many ways they find to restrict women's rights.

National Women's Law Center (my inbox):

The Tennessee legislature has sent an extremely anti-choice bill to Governor Bredesen’s desk that plays politics with women’s health.

Governor Bredesen must decide in the next few days whether to sign or veto this bill. He needs to hear from you! Tell the Governor to veto this bill that harms women’s health.

House Bill 2681 would prohibit coverage of abortion in any insurance plan that will participate in the health exchange eventually established in Tennessee because of the federal health care reform law. That means that women in the exchange would not be able to obtain coverage for abortion even if they are paying entirely with their own funds. This extremely restrictive bill contains no exceptions — not in cases of rape or incest and not in cases when the woman’s life is in danger.

Don’t let Tennessee’s anti-choice legislature hijack women’s health. Tell Governor Bredesen to veto this restrictive bill.