Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hillary Signals Not a Two-Term Secretary of State

Hillary Rodham Clinton told PBS's Tavis Smiley that she is not interested in serving as Secretary of State for two terms. Hillary also repeated her assertion that she absolutely will not run for president again. Many of us here on TGW have long predicted that fact. The country had its chance and blew it.

The interview will air tonight on PBS' Tavis Smiley Reports:

TAVIS SMILEY: That opens the door for the obvious question, what would Hillary Clinton want to do when she is no longer Secretary of State?

HILLARY CLINTON: Oh, I, there’s so many things I’m interested in, I mean, really going back to private life and spending time reading, and writing, and maybe teaching, doing some personal travel, not the kind of travel where you bring along a couple of hundred people with you. Just focusing on, on issues of women, girls, families, the kind of intersection between what’s considered ‘real politique’ and real life politics, which has always fascinated me.

TAVIS SMILEY: And finally, just for the record, you have said before, emphatically, in fact, that you are not interested in running again for President of the United States, I’m taking your answer now to mean that that’s still the same?

HILLARY CLINTON: Absolutely not interested.