Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Women to Get $19 Million from Outback Steakhouse for Sex Discrimination

Women who have worked at Outback Steakhouse for 3 years or more since 2002 are eligible for a cut of the $19 million. They just have to fill out the forms.

And the EEOC and some brave women win another one! Outback Steakhouse got caught promoting men and not women. Hello? Is there a restaurant in this country where all the managers are not men? Yeah, we have tokens. I think we all know that businesses that discriminate against women are the norm in this cowboy country. The more women step up and do the very hard work of holding the sexists accountable, the sooner we will see some real change!

Outback Steakhouse has agreed to pay $19 million to settle a major class lawsuit alleging sexual discrimination at its hundreds of corporate-owned restaurants nationwide, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission announced Tuesday. According to the EEOC, Outback discriminated against thousands of female employees by not promoting them to higher-level profit-sharing management positions and denying them favorable job assignments that would help them be considered for top positions. . .

According to the suit, filed in September 2006, managers allegedly made comments that disparaged women workers. Tom Flanagan, a joint venture partner, allegedly said female managers had "let him down" and "lost focus" when they had children. He also allegedly said women managers had trouble "saying no" and that he wanted "cute girls" to work in the front as servers.

The $19 million will be paid to female workers at Outback who have worked from 2002 to the present who have worked there for at least three years.