Monday, December 28, 2009

Ms. Claus Banned from Xmas Parade

Apparently only men can be the center of attention in parades and receive adoration and acclaim for taking care of the children. Sheesh.

The Greater Raleigh Merchants Association banned Mrs. Claus from the parade, saying that the sight would "confuse" the children.

John Odom, executive director of the Greater Raleigh Merchants Association, which runs the parade, said it's confusing for children to see two people in Santa suits. He said it's a policy that only Santa may wear the official outfit.

The confused Greater Raleigh Merchants Association should stay far away from my house where Ms. Claus is the only Santa we know. As noted over at Feminist Law Professors, probably Mrs. or Ms. Claus would have been approved if only she'd been wearing fewer clothes.