Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Protecting the Status Quo In Women's Rights Is Change We Can Believe In? (Video)

This is really odd. In the video clip below there is an actual panel of women discussing women's rights. On a cable news channel?!? I almost fell off my chair. Granted it's on CNN's poor sister channel HLN, but still, broadcasting women talking about women's rights could be dangerous to the status quo. What would our president say?

I'm sorry, but only in a deranged America can your president say he's for change you can believe in -- except for women's rights. When you're talking about women's rights, he's for the status quo. My theory is that after eight long years of bizarro Bush, even deranged statements from President Obama sound just fine. I mean at least this president can speak in complete sentences, right?

The women only panel (Joy Behar, Maxine Waters, Nancy Keenan, Julie Minnon) discuss the Stupak Abortion Amendment and what the hell is to be done about it. Maxine Waters says don't bother contacting the Blue Dogs, nothing will change their closed minds. Instead, women should work on getting a commitment from the president, the leaders of Congress and the women of Congress -- a commitment to withhold support from the health care bill until the anti choice amendment is removed.

Maxine Waters adds that 'Obama will sign whatever he's given. He's not going to fight for anything. He believes he needs a bill to get re-elected and that's that.' (paraphrased) (Our president is thinking only of himself?!?!) Maxine also says that Blue Dogs have way too much power and progressives are losing at every turn.