Friday, October 02, 2009

Rio Wins Olympic Bid; America Stunned, Reports Stunned Media

If you believe our media, we are all arrogant Americans who are stunned to discover that America is not the world's most favorite country evah. America asked for something and didn't get it. How can that be?

America, or Chicago, was eliminated from the 2016 Olympic competition on the first round. Tony Harris at CNN announced the news by telling us repeatedly, in a stunned voice, that we are "stunned." The folks at MSNBC had a similar reaction: Shocker! Chicago eliminated in 2016 voting. Lobbying by Obamas goes for naught.

President Obama's pitch was basically a rehash of candidate Obama's campaign slogan: Yes we can! Choose America because a black man is president. Choose Chicago because America is special. And Michelle Obama? Choose America because I have "a dream." Choose America because the Olympics in Chicago will give us "hope" and "change." (I am not making this up.) Choose America because the Olympics in Chicago will "change lives all over the world."

The silly judges gave the honor to Rio de Janeiro. Consequently, for the first time ever, the Olympic games will be hosted on the continent of South America. (According to the arrogant Americans at CNN, that's not a very good reason.) And the USA? America has hosted the Olympic games eight times!! When the so-called First World nations don't get to hog all the world's perks, we call it geographical justice. ( here's yet another reason: getting into the USA ain't easy if you are a furiner. )

This is the same stupid media that covers every word our president speaks at home and on foreign soil, and then rudely cuts away with disinterest whenever presidents of other countries open their mouths. If America is stunned, it's because America is pathetically self-centered. I blame our perpetually stunned frat-boy media. It's embarrassing.
"I honestly believe it is Brazil's time. For the others it will be just one more Games. For us it will be an unparalleled opportunity."
-- Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva