Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pepsi Amps Up the Sexism (Video)

Since women don't drink Pepsi (well, not anymore!), the frat boyz at Pepsi provide a little how-to manual to help frat boyz "score" with 24 "types" of women.

The Pepsi iPhone app even lets frat boyz "create 'Brag Lists' of girls they've gotten 'lucky' with." The online fury over "Amp Up Before You Score" has caused somebody at Pepsi to apologize, sort of. Pepsi is sorry, but not sorry enough to take the sexist ad down.

For each type of girl, a guy can get a crib sheet of info, pickup lines, and more to help him "know what makes her tick before you open your mouth, so she'll like what she hears when you do," according to the iTunes description. . . Among the 24 types, there's the "Rebound Girl" who's got mascara tear-tracks and clutches a a carton of ice cream, the "Aspiring Actress" who's dressed like a waitress, the "Artist" who's pictured chewing on a paintbrush, and 21 more, including "Married," "Twins," "Women's Studies Major," "Cougar," and "Foreign Exchange Student."