Thursday, October 29, 2009

CA Gang Rapists: "They Think It's Cool. They Weren't Raised to Respect Girls"

[Strong trigger warning] Police are now saying that as many as ten "people" likely joined in the rape of the 15 year old girl outside her high school in Richmond, California. The 15 year old girl wore a sparkling purple dress and faux diamond baubles to the Richmond High School homecoming dance before she was gang raped, robbed and severely beaten for two-and-a-half hours and left unconscious under a bench.

The "people" laughed, took pictures of, and reportedly filmed the assault of the 15 year old girl while they waited for their turn to join in the gang rape fun. A better name for the "people" who raped the girl and the "people" who stood by and enjoyed the show would be "monsters." Barring that, at least we could admit that the "people" were boys and men.

Police believe as many as 10 people ranging in age from 15 to mid-20s attacked the girl for more than two hours in a dimly lit area. As many as two dozen people witnessed the rape without notifying police. Dara Cashman, head of the Contra Costa District Attorney's Office sex crimes unit, told the Contra Costa Times, a Bay area newspaper, that those who witnessed the alleged rape and did not report it could face aiding and abetting charges. .

Police received a tip about a possible assault on campus from a former student, who heard two males bragging about it. Officers found the girl semiconscious and naked from the waist down near a picnic table. Margarita Vargas, who was watching television Saturday night with others at her home two blocks from the school campus, told the newspaper she reported the assault as soon as she heard about it. The newspaper did not say whether Vargas was a student at the school.

"They think it's cool," Vargas said of the alleged perpetrators. "They weren't raised to respect girls."

Richmond High School is accepting cards and donations for the victim and her family. They can be mailed to the school at 1250 23rd St., Richmond, CA 94804-1011. Make checks out to the Richmond High Student Fund.