Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sexist Counter Cultures

Amanda Hess at The Sexist comments on the impossibility of finding so much as a counter culture that is not deeply sexist:

Why aren’t there more female marijuana activists, Marijuana Policy Project employee Laura Greenback asks in High Times. Ooh! Pick me! I know the answer! . . . Here’s what these advertisements say to women: Weed isn’t for you. It’s for men. (Also for men? Your boobs). And the targets of those advertisements—high school and college guys—often echo those misogynist attitudes. You know what’s even more annoying than a misogynist? A misogynist who is high out of his mind.

Amanda Hess again in Weed Culture Is Boob Culture:

Because time and again, women have knocked on the door of the counter-culture—the comic book authors, the emo kids, and yes, the marijuana users—only to be shut out of the conversation. And so, even in pot culture, an effective ad shows a woman laying naked, covered in marijuana, staring coyly back at you and not smoking. Again, the ideal smoker is a heterosexual male.