Thursday, September 10, 2009

NBC News Calls Public Option a "Fetish"

So the new definition of "fetish" is: Anything that interferes with the out-of-control greed of corporate America. Good-old-frat-boy NBC News continues to look out for good-old-frat-boy corporate America.

Craig Crawford -- the guy who got kicked off MSNBC, back in 2008, for complaining on-air about the blatantly biased CDS practiced by NBC News -- reports:

NBC News calls the public option a "fetish." Providing insurance to Americans who cannot afford or obtain coverage is a fetish? A fetish? Have things gone so awry that health care for all is considered a deviant concept. Seems to me that big media's knee-jerk defense of the status quo is the real fetish. [ via Crooks and Liars ]