Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hillary to Resign As SOS & Run for Governor of New York?!!

The conservative Weekly Standard reports that Hillary Rodham Clinton is considering stepping down from her position as Secretary of State in order to run for Governor of New York.

Over at Gawker, they can't figure out what in the world would make Hillary resign. Yeah, the Obama Administration is making such a stellar name for itself and working so hard on not fulfilling Hillary's dream of universal health care. Why would she dream of moving on?

Maybe she misses politics. Maybe she misses the freedom to speak her mind. Maybe she has a few choice words she'd like to direct at some Republicans. Or Democrats.

Goddess, I hope this is true.

This nation needs Hillary Rodham Clinton back in politics. Women and girls need Hillary Rodham Clinton back on the national stage. The Left needs someone with Hillary Rodham Clinton's stature to have a voice outside of the Republican Lite Obama Administration. The dream of universal health care needs Hillary Rodham Clinton. Feminists need Hillary Rodham Clinton back on the front page because without her we have no national feminist leader.

I need Hillary Rodham Clinton back in politics because it gets very very old writing about men in politics in this repressively male-dominated undemocratic patriarchal American politcal system.

Republicans need Hillary Rodham Clinton to kick their selfish clueless butts, because Barack Obama will never do it.

C'mon Hillary, do it!