Monday, August 03, 2009

Single Payer Healthcare Through the Backdoor of A Public Option (Video)

Really the only way you could possibly get a single payer health care system in this country -- which is so full of distrust for government -- is through the back door. (Full disclosure: I had universal health care via Canada's single payer system for the 13 years that I lived in Canada. It was the best health care I and my family have ever received. Don't believe the lies.) This video, manufactured by Republicans -- the enemy of universal health care -- says it all. We must have a public option. Anything else is failure.

Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch pretty well sums it up, I hope:

“The Democrats want a public option and they’re going to have a public option in the final bill,” Hatch said in reference to a proposal to create a broad government-run insurance program. He predicted that even if Baucus manages to pass a healthcare reform package with a membership-run co-op insurance plan instead of a government-run program, he would lose out to liberals in negotiations between the Senate and House. “He’ll be crushed in the middle,” Hatch said of prospective Senate-House negotiations."