Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dell Settles Gender Bias Lawsuit for 9.1 Million

Dell will cough up $9.1 million to settle a sex discrimination class action lawsuit filed by two former employees in Austin, Texas. Under the terms of the settlement, Dell refuses to plead guilty to sex discrimination, but if you are a woman who is working for, or has worked for, Dell you may be eligible for some money.

The lawsuit was filed in 2008 by Jill Hubley, who was a senior strategist at a Dell division in Round Rock, Texas, where the company is based. She was later joined by Laura Guenther, a former Dell senior manager at the same location.

Their suit claimed that Dell “systematically denied equal employment opportunities to its female employees” in compensation and promotions, according the complaint. The company discriminated against women in training, in assignments of positions outside the U.S. and in programs designed to accelerate advancement, the complaint said.