Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pelosi Galore: Cheap Thrills From the RNC Boyz (Video)

I tried to post this video earlier, but it appeared that the RNC had taken it down. It's back. This is the RNC ad that posits Speaker Pelosi as "Pussy Galore," a character from an old (1964) sexist James Bond movie, just the kind of wet-dream movie the GOP boyz get off on, I'm sure. Naked women and guns, what else does a GOP recruiter need? You can briefly see the tantalizingly nude P. Galore at .40. Remarkably, the boyz leave Pelosi's clothes on while centering her image as the target of a cutesy spy gun. Whose hearts and minds do the GOP boyz hope to win with this one? Twenty-one percent of Americans identified as Republican before this classless grade-school masterpiece was released. Don't tell me this party's not dying.

Politico -- [W]hen you see Nancy Pelosi, the Republican National Committee wants you to think “Pussy Galore.” At least that’s the takeaway from a video released by the committee this week – a video that puts Pelosi side-by-side with the aforementioned villainess from the 1964 James Bond film “Goldfinger.”

The RNC video, which begins with the speaker’s head in the iconic spy-series gun sight, implies that Pelosi has used her feminine wiles to dodge the truth about whether or not she was briefed by the CIA on the use of waterboarding in 2002. While the P-word is never mentioned directly, in one section the speaker appears in a split screen alongside the Bond nemesis – and the video’s tagline is “Democrats Galore.”

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