Friday, May 22, 2009

Alec Baldwin Banned From Philippines for Sexist Mail-Order Bride 'Joke' (Video)

Here's a remarkable reminder that in some parts of the world the oppression of women is treated as a not-funny deadly serious crime!

MANILA, Philippines - After receiving flak from Filipinos worldwide, 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin on Wednesday apologized for joking that he was interested in buying himself a Filipina wife.

"I apologize for the perceived insensitivity of that remark," Baldwin said in his blog posted at the Huffington Post website. On May 12, the 51-year-old Hollywood actor told David Letterman on the Late Show how he thought of getting, or buying, himself a Filipina bride.

"I think about getting a Filipino mail-order bride at this point or a Russian one, I don’t care, I’m 51," he told Letterman. . [D]espite his apology, the Bureau of Immigration issued an order barring Baldwin from entering the Philippines as he is deemed an "undesirable alien."

Immigration Commissioner Marcelino Libanan said Baldwin appeared to condone the mail-order bride scheme, which is a criminal act prohibited and punishable under Republic Act 6955. "By being in the bureau’s blacklist, Baldwin is forbidden from entering the country as he is deemed an undesirable alien," Libanan said.