Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Angry Moms Revolt: Facebook Thinks Breasts are for Hooters, Not Breastfeeding

I'm so glad to see moms fighting the anti breastfeeding idiots at Facebook. I hope they go after anti breastfeeding misogynist Bill Maher next.

Like the Facebook fratboys, Bill Maher thinks breasts are for fratboys and Hooters. Maher and the Facebook frat-boys prefer for women's breasts to be 24/7 sexualized objects readily available at all times for their own personal use. And that explains why moms who breastfeed in public are so often treated like lepers.

The photo below is one of the many breastfeeding photos removed from Facebook due to its "obscenity!!"

Anyone want to guess how many sexually explicit photos of breasts the Facebook fratboys have removed??? The lengths this culture goes to in the fratboy mission of keeping women always in the role of sexualized objects can best be described as Stark Raving Mad Misogyny. Seriously, I don't know why we women put up with this shit!

Check out the online angry mom protest and petition where there are now 3,245 breastfeeding photos: Hey, Facebook, breastfeeding is not obscene!(Official petition to Facebook)

Facebook has become the target of an 80,000-plus protest by irate mothers after banning breastfeeding photographs from online profiles. Facebook's policy, which bans any breastfeeding images uploaded that show nipples, has led an online profile by protestors - called "lactivists" in some circles - called "Hey Facebook, breast feeding is not obscene".

The online petition, which accuses Facebook of instituting the policy to "appease the closed-minded", has attracted almost 82,000 supporters.

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