Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tennessee Flat-Earthers (TCPR) Continue to Rant About Al Gore's Energy Use

The right-wingers over at the Tennessee Center for Snooping or Policy Research (TCPR) are still earning paychecks for calling up the Nashville Electric Service and bugging them about how much electricity Al Gore uses. Because inquiring flat-earthers want to know!

Because Drew Johnson, president of the apartment-based TCPR is miffed about the fact that Al Gore's world-wide super-mega operation to combat global warming and save the entire freaking planet is conducted from his home office here in Nashville. Because cave-dwelling Drew Johnson and his flat-earth operation only wish Al Gore would join them in the apartment cave -- over at 1606 Burton Avenue, Apartment A, Nashville, 37215 -- and save the planet by utilizing stone tablets. [via]

It's anyone's guess how much energy right-wingers are furiously expending by spreading the misleading Onion-esque non story about Al Gore's "personal" or "home" electric bill across the nation.

Hey Drew, if you wanna save a planet, you gotta expend energy!

Tennessee Center for Policy Research
PO Box 121331
Nashville, TN 37212
Phone: 615 383-6431

The Far-Right TN Center for Policy Research (TCPR)


Update via and The Tennessean: Gore spokeswoman Kalee Kreider: Kreider pointed out that the renovations weren’t complete until November, so it’s a bit early to be attempting before-and-after comparisons. In addition, the Gores participate in the Nashville Electric Service’s Green Power Switch Program, which allows them to buy their electricity from renewable sources like wind power, solar power or methane gas from landfills (the house’s 33 solar panels only supply 4 percent of its power needs, per Kreider.) So any energy they burn won’t be burning them a bigger carbon footprint.