Wednesday, February 20, 2008

About Hillary: Women Have Seen this Movie, We Know the Drill

"As I’ve always said, this election has one person running for President and everyone else running as the man who can defeat her."

"All I know is if Hillary Clinton cannot win the presidency, then face it ladies, there will NEVER BE A WOMAN PRESIDENT!! I know there won't be in my lifetime for sure! If a brilliant woman who has all these qualifications cannot break the ultimate glass ceiling, then WHO CAN???"

"American culture dictates that demeaning women is acceptable behavior. But by remaining silent, Obama is either knowingly profiting from the bigotry, or he is part and parcel of a cultural belief that it is acceptable to heap all manner of abuse upon women. Those are the only two alternatives, and they are both disturbing."

"We see Hillary, we see Barack, and we see our own version of hell: Here is this amazing woman, top of her class, implausible marriage to impossible man, works as hard as the day is long, masters all the forms and spreadsheets of governing, even manages to raise a pretty darn good kid -- and then along comes this guy, this groovy Obamarama, with his pleasing mien, his high style, his absolute fabulousness, and he wants the top floor, corner office that she earned. And women -- women have seen this movie, women have heard this story, women know the drill ."

"There is no "going back" on the deep damage inflicted by Kos, Atrios, TPM, FDL and HuffPo (to name only the most prominent) when they made opposition to the Clintons on everything the litmus test of belonging to their club. When Paul Krugman is being called names and trash-talked because he won't join in the witch hunt, you know things have become seriously unhinged. It is not going to get better after the nomination."

"You know the Day the Blogosphere Died? It was when it decided to defend NBC's sexism and misogyny in order to score points against Hillary Clinton. There was a time when the Netroots agreed with me that we needed Fighting Dems, that Obama was not measuring up on that score. But the Obama Cult has taken over in its entirety. . . The Netroots are dead."

"She is singularly qualified to be the person to lead us out of the wilderness of the Bush nightmare; to put the pieces of our broken, corrupt government back together and move it forward in a positive direction."

"For a lot of blue-collar guys over 40, Hillary Clinton is a poster child for everything about the women's movement that they don't like -- their wife going back to work, their daughters rebelling, the rise of women in the workplace."

"[M]ake no mistake, much of the Hillary-hatred is fueled by the zeal of Obama supporters for the one they’ve evidently been waiting for. "

"When I think of a leader, I think of someone who is visionary, tough, savvy, intellectual, experienced, and creative. I think of someone who has proven over a period of time what her values are, and what she does to stand up for them. I think of Hillary Rodham Clinton, who–despite having been humiliated, jeered at, and treated to a misogynistic frenzy of abuse by the news media–is still standing, values and sense of humor intact. And I want her as my president."