Friday, May 11, 2007

Rape Jokes About Condi Rice on Shock Jock Radio

Update: Shock jocks apologize for laughing obscenely about raping Condi Rice. XM spokesman deplores the misogyny but will not say if offenders will be disciplined. The rape jokes may imperil the XM/Sirius merger. One can hope, because nothing will change in this woman-hating culture until there are consequences for the misogyny.

You can't yell fire in a crowded theater, so why the hell can you make rape jokes on the radio? Two idiot shock jocks called Opie and Anthony laugh up a storm while 'jokes' are made about raping Condi Rice.

You can hear the misogyny here, but be warned: it is so violently and explicitly gross that you may not want to hear it.

The New York Post reports: "The obscene exchange took place on XM, a satellite radio station . . A portion of Opie & Anthony's show is also heard on CBS-owned 92.3 "Free FM," though the Rice-rape jokes were not made during that segment."

CBS Radio says it has no plans to fire the creeps.

What's the big deal about portraying rape as a joke in a woman-hating culture?

Presumably it's okay to fantasize about raping the female Secretary of State as long as you do it on satellite radio. Is it also okay to fantasize about raping the male President as long as you do it on satellite radio?

Is the determining factor satellite or gender?

CBS fired Imus for racist jokes (the jokes were also sexist, but he was fired for the racism).

CBS fired General Batiste for daring to criticize Bush.

The hateful shock jocks should be kicked off the air.

Obviously, the fact that I disagree with Condi Rice on virtually everything is completely irrelevant. People who think politics is a valid excuse for misogyny are part of the problem. Unfortunately such people are on the Right and the Left.

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[Note: The headline on this post was changed and revisions made after I learned about errors in the initial reports, including that the rape joke portion of the Opie and Anthony show was not aired on CBS, though this appears to be sheer luck on CBS's part.]

What they're saying:

[T]argeting Condi Rice is ok because she’s a black Republican. To the Left she’s a traitor to her race.
It’s vile to suggest that an appropriate response to women in power who threaten you is raping them.
You'd think it would be absolutely clear but apparently men can't seem to distinguish between rape and sex. No wonder women are never believed.
OK, now can we have a national dialogue about misogyny?
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