Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Why Do Conservatives Want Hastert's Head?

"Resign, Mr. Speaker" reads an editorial in today's Washington Times. The Bush fanzine knows what it's talking about.

Unless Hastert takes one for the team, the Foleygate story is likely to stay on the front page and on our inquiring minds right up to election day.

Oooooh, what's even scarier than Rovie's little home movie series, Nightmares from Osama?

You've Got Email, from Your Republican Congressman!

Resign, Mr. Speaker:

House Speaker Dennis Hastert must do the only right thing, and resign his speakership at once. Either he was grossly negligent for not taking the red flags fully into account and ordering a swift investigation, for not even remembering the order of events leading up to last week's revelations -- or he deliberately looked the other way in hopes that a brewing scandal would simply blow away. He gave phony answers Friday to the old and ever-relevant questions of what did he know and when did he know it? Mr. Hastert has forfeited the confidence of the public and his party, and he cannot preside over the necessary coming investigation, an investigation that must examine his own inept performance.

But Hastert says no, he will not resign, dammit, cause he's a Republican, and Republicans are addicted to power, and what's a little pre-election front page scandal about Republican pedophiles when you were already going to lose anyway?

A written statement from Hastert's office said that wasn't going to happen. "The Speaker has and will lead the Republican conference to another majority in the 110th Congress," the statement said, adding, "Mark Foley has resigned his seat in dishonor, and the criminal investigation of this matter will continue. The Speaker is working every day on ensuring the House is a safe, productive environment for members, staff and all those who are employed by the institution."