Sunday, October 09, 2005

Gay Man Accuses Female Officer of Sexual Assault

An East Nashville home owner was taking a walk with his partner when he was stopped and interrogated by Nashville's Finest.

According to Mr. Leach, there were five officers on the scene. Four were male, yet it was the female officer who patted the gay Nashvillian down.

As Mr. Leach tells the story, "fondled" is a far more accurate term.

The officer in question, Jill Weaver, has something of a reputation in East Nashville. This is the third alarming account I have heard about Officer Weaver, and this is the second instance that seems to be heading toward a lawsuit.

"Sexual Assault by Officer Weaver"

"Do you mind if I search you". Of course I said I don't mind. When it's 1:00am, you are surrounded by 5 officers, and there are no witnesses to see what is going on, of course I don't mind.

I was wearing a black tank top and shorts, but no draws. She placed my hands behind my back, patted the sides of my legs, then with her right hand, she came up to my groin and instead of a "pat down", she grabbed my penis and testicles so that all of my business was in her hand. . . .

Keith and I both plan on filing a complaint with the Police Department regarding our stop. We also plan on taking civil action against the city of Nashville for Harassment, Violation of our Civil Rights, Defamation of character and Sexual Assault.

Rod Leach provides an online account of his experience.

On a semi-related note, Nashville Files reports that two of Nashville's finest were recently found "not guilty of illegally taking guns into a downtown nightclub last year" even though they did take guns into the nightclub, they were off duty, and, yes, they were drinking.